Pettigrew State Park Visitor Center


Location: Creswell, North Carolina
Project Size: 6,500 SF
Status: In-Progress

Pettigrew State Park hugs the banks of Lake Phelps, the state’s second largest natural lake, in forming a rich environmental band teaming with flora and fauna. Pettigrew is also home to Somerset Place, a pre-Civil War era plantation and North Carolina Historic Site, and Native American artifacts dating back over 40,000 years. In the midst of this diverse, historic, and beautiful landscape, EVOKE is designing a new visitor center that will serve as the park’s front door.

Rather than recreate the past, the new visitor center transforms cues from the surrounding context into a strikingly modern design. The building is conceived of as a large porch—a traditional Southern staple that provides shelter, encourages relaxation, and welcomes visitors. The resulting “porch” is lifted off the ground like the park’s lakefront boardwalks, and perforated metal panels act like the adjacent forest canopy in screening visitors from the warm sun. Beneath the porch roof, a simple volume featuring interactive exhibits pulls visitors through the length of the building to display the park’s history and splendor.