EVOKE: to purposefully draw out something hidden, latent or reserved.

EVOKE Studio Architecture is a Durham, NC-based design practice specializing in architecture, design-visioning and master planning. Our neighborhoods and cities are comprised of the infinite stories and histories of humankind collaged on the spectrum from chaos to calm. Architecture—the tactile manifestation of narratives—serves as a powerful amplifier of societal priorities, beliefs and aspirations by preserving the past, reiterating the present and signifying the future. At EVOKE, we rely on the communicative power of architecture to unearth, perpetuate and translate your project’s enduring message into a remarkable, bespoke design. Regardless of means, we provide a bold, transformative, elegant yet meaningful architecture on each building site that elevates its broader community by creating indelible impressions while simultaneously awakening nostalgia.

We aspire to EVOKE.



EVOKE is a HUB, Durham SLBE, and NC DOT DBE-certified firm and a proud member of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce.

The firm's principals are licensed in North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, and Texas.